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13th June 2016
  Thanks to everyone who voted in the Poppies Trust player of the year awards. The Trust player of the year, as voted for by the Poppies Trust members was James Brighton. He was presented with the award at the Player of the Year Presentation at the Kettering Conference Centre by Trust Chairman,... Read More
09th May 2016
  Trust members can now submit their vote for the Poppies Trust Player of the Year for the 2015/16 season. In order to vote you'll need to provide your Trust Membership number, and the email associated with your memebership.   To vote, please go to   Voting will... Read More
18th April 2016
The final 4 tickets were drawn for the Spring 500 Club on thursday at half time. The numbers drawn and winners are as follows: Draw 7 - Winning Ticket Number: 55 (Keith Millard) Draw 8 - Winning Ticket Number: 134 (A Barwell) Draw 9 - Winning Ticket Number: 426 (Walt Watson) Draw 10 - Winning... Read More
14th April 2016
We are currently in the process of drawing out the winners for the Spring 500 Club.   The tickets that have been drawn so far are as follows: Draw 1 - Winning Ticket Number: 136 (Dave Tailby) Draw 2 - Winning Ticket Number: 433 (Paul Barton) Draw 3 - Winning Ticket Number: 55 (Keith Millard) Draw 4... Read More
07th February 2016
  We are now selling tickets for the Spring 500 Club, the last 500 Club of the season. Tickets can be bought online now. Tickets are £5 each and get entered into 10 draws. The prize is 50% of the money raised by the sales. The draws will be done throughout April.  Tickets will be sold at home games... Read More