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16th September 2019
The Trust will be holding a Race Night at Latimer park on Friday 25th October - immediately following the Trust AGM.   The AGM is at 7pm, and the first race of the Race Night will be off at 8pm.   Entrance will be £5, which includes Sausage and Chips.   The profits from the evening will be split... Read More
11th September 2019
The Trust AGM will be held on Friday 25th October - 7pm at Latimer Park. All Trust members are welcome to attend. Non members can also attend, if they join the Trust on the night.  
10th July 2019
Now That the TIN HAT FUND has passed half way - our next target along the way to our full total is £15,000. The second BOARD OF SPONSORS is currently just over 50% filled - and if we can fill the rest of it, then we will immediately pass the £15,000 mark.     So, If you haven't added your name to... Read More
09th July 2019
Some time ago, The Trust were bequeathed a substantial sum of money from the estate of Poppies fan, Arnold Wells. The behest stipulated that the money should be used for the benefit of Kettering Town Supporters. The Trust Board have decided that it would be appropriate to use a part of the Arnold... Read More
01st July 2019
We're delighted to announce that the lucky winners of the SEASON TICKET RAFFLE are as follows:   Ticket No. 51 - John Cecil  and  Ticket No. 72 Toby Cope   There were 116 tickets sold in total, raising £580 towards the TIN HAT FUND - so many thanks to everyone who entered the draw, and especially... Read More
27th June 2019
We are delighted to announce that PROSAW have made a substantial donation to the Tin Hat Fund.    We would like to extend our thanks to them for providing such a welcome boost to the fund, and we will be adding their name to the BOARD OF SPONSORS in recognition of their generosity.   Their donation... Read More
16th June 2019
The Trust are delighted to say that the TIN HAT FUND total is now very close to £8,000.  Many of you will already have seen that we are currently running a special SEASON TICKET RAFFLE. Thanks to the generosity of one of our supporters now living abroad, we have not one, but 2 KTFC 2019/20 season... Read More
03rd June 2019
The Trust are delighted to announce the launch of a very special SEASON TICKET RAFFLE to raise money for the TIN HAT FUND Thanks to the generosity of one of our Poppies Faithful now living abroad, we have not one, but TWO season tickets on offer as prizes. Two lucky ticket holders will each receive... Read More