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21st January 2019
Dear Supporter We had a rush of home games in December and early January which meant that the programme notes for Hitchin, New Year’s Day and Tamworth were written well before Christmas. We also had away games at Bedworth and Kings Lynn so a lot of football has been played in the last few weeks. No... Read More
21st January 2019
Dear Supporter Happy New Year to everyone! This programme is a double header for our games on New Year’s Day and 5 January and were written well before our games versus Hitchin, Bedworth and Kings Lynn. The biggest news of the year was the announcement regarding Frenches Field. The Trust has... Read More
21st January 2019
Dear Supporter   As the year draws to an end, apart from indulging in a bit of extra food and drink (!), it is also time to reflect on the year just gone whether it be our work or personal life; good, bad or indifferent.  From a Poppies perspective the year has had mostly ups – our loss in the semi... Read More
21st January 2019
Dear Supporter With the glut of home games we have had recently it has tested the grey matter as to what to write about without repeating the same old information! Usually we stick to Trust matters (for obvious reasons) and Poppies related issues. Today, I am going off piste to talk about the... Read More
04th January 2019
  The Trust are delighted to announce that there will be posters available to celebrate the New Year's Day Victory over AFC Rushden & Diamonds. Peter Short has very kindly donated some of his images of the match to be made into posters - and all the money raised will go towrads the TIN HAT FUND... Read More
28th December 2018
The TIN HAT FUND Board of Sponsors The Trust are delighted to offer supporters and local businesses the chance to add their names to a "BOARD OF SPONSORS" on the new terrace, once the TIN HAT FUND reaches it's target. The names will also appear on a special sponsors page on the Trust website.... Read More
23rd December 2018
As you may know, the Trust recently launched it's TIN HAT FUND to raise funds for a new terrace at the Morrisons end of Latimer Park (and which can be moved to the new site at Frenches Field when the time comes). We are now also launching the first of our fundraising projects, in the form of a ... Read More
19th December 2018
The Trust are once again giving people the opportunity to join for just £5 during January. Just send an email to if you are interested, and we'll send you the details - or look out for forms in the club house at Latimer Park. Have a great Christmas and New Year THE POPPIES... Read More