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20th December 2015
There are only 4 more days left to purchase tickets for the Trust's Autumn 500 Club. The tickets will be on sale until midnight on the 25th, and the 10 draws will be made at the away match the following day. If you have not already purchased tickets, you can do so online, no matter where you are in... Read More
09th December 2015
There's just over 2 weeks left to buy tickets for the Autumn 500 Club draw. Tickets are available at home matches and 24/7 by clicking this link. Tickets will be sold online up until midnight on the 25th December, and the draws will be made at the match on Boxing Day at King's Lynn. Tickets cost £5... Read More
05th December 2015
Autumn 500 Club tickets will be on sale for the last 3 home games of the year on the 5th, 15th and 19th December. Tickets can be purchased online at Online sales will continue up to Christmas day and the 10 draws will take place on Boxing Day at King's Lynn.... Read More
27th November 2015
  The Trust had its AGM on 20 November - thank you to everyone who attended. The newly elected Board then held a meeting to appoint the Trust Officials for the coming year as follows: Chairman - Karen Lewis Vice Chairman and Treasurer - Mark Severn Secretary - Bill Pringle The rest of the Trust... Read More
13th November 2015
  Now available on the trust website is the option to purchase tickets for the 500 club raffle online. Tickets can be purchased in just a few clicks, and the system has been built from the ground up specifically for purpose. Payments are handled through PayPal, if you don't have an account you can... Read More