Kettering Town 'Poppies' Supporter's Trust

June 300 Club draw

Posted on Monday May 25th 2020

For the previous 300 Club draws, the proceeds have been donated to the Football Club to cover ongoing costs.

For the June draw, the Trust have approached the club to see if there was anything specific we could donate the money towards.

David Mahoney has come back to us to say that one of the priorities going forward will be the pitch. The club are looking at two things to help in this area; Firstly to purchase a sponge roller to remove excess water from the pitch during wet periods; and secondly to install a water tank, in order to store water for the pitch during dry spells.

Groundsman, Paul Knowles, is currently looking at the best option for a sponge roller - as this seems an ideal thing to put the money towards.

To give people an idea, it will be like this one, or similar, depending on suitability and cost:



The cost will be in the region of £1000 for the roller, and associated accessories - which would mean we would need to sell 400 or more tickets - a total we have surpassed in each of the previous draws. Any money raised above and beyond the cost of the roller will then be donated towards the costs of installing the water tank.


As per last month, we will have 3 lucky winners for the June draw, each receiving an equal split of the prize pot.

Ticket sales will close at 9am on Friday June 19th, with the draw made later that day.

Buy your tickets here:


Many thanks for your continued support

The Poppies Trust Board