Kettering Town 'Poppies' Supporter's Trust

KBC Debate - Chairman's Speech Update

Posted on Tuesday July 21st 2015

The Poppies Trust Chairman (Karen Lewis) has now made available the speech which was presented during the Kettering Borough Council debate on Sports Provision in Kettering on Wednesday 15th July 2015.


Trust Speech to Council Meeting - Wednesday 15 July 2015


Kettering Town Football Club has been part of this town for 143 years and has done as much as any institution to put Kettering on the map.


We, as fans, would hope that by securing the long-term future of the Club that this would be seen as positive for the town and the regeneration of sport in the area.  Any move to increase sporting activity in the borough is positive especially amongst the young, whatever that sport may be.


Part of securing that long-term future is for the Club to have its own modern stadium within the town with facilities which can be made available for use by the public.


In recent times the Club has almost gone out of business on more than one ocassion but with a slice of good luck and lots of hard work and endeavour by the fans and the wider Kettering public we have survived. 


People care about the Club; a club which has stabilised over the last 2-3 years and has enjoyed success on the pitch; a club which is re-engaging with its community; a club which now has a youth set-up, a ladies team and a veterans team.


The fans aren't asking the Council for financial support or to give them land for free but to work in conjunction with the Club to make a concerted effort to secure somewhere in the town to make a new, long-term home for itself.