Kettering Town 'Poppies' Supporter's Trust

Sponsored FA Cup Selfie Competition

Posted on Sunday December 23rd 2018
As you may know, the Trust recently launched it's TIN HAT FUND to raise funds for a new terrace at the Morrisons end of Latimer Park (and which can be moved to the new site at Frenches Field when the time comes).
We are now also launching the first of our fundraising projects, in the form of a SPONSORED FA CUP SELFIE COMPETITION.

The challenge: 

To take a photo of yourself in Kettering Town Colours at each of the teams that Kettering Town have so far played against in the history of the FA Cup - which as we all know is the most different opponents of any team in the country.

As some of the teams no longer exist - or have moved grounds, then you can take the selfie either at each club, next to a sign for the town / city where each club play (either a road sign, or station sign), or next to a famous landmark in the town. 

If more than one team play in a town, then you can collect multiple points for one selfie e.g. one selfie in Bristol would cover both Bristol Rovers and Bristol City, and therefore earn 2 points. According to our list, there are 184 different teams, which can be covered by a total of 139 selfies. (Of course, there is nothing to stop anyone collecting all 184!)

The Challenge is too big! 

Many people will find the challenge too daunting, so we have set 3 different challenge levels to help get more people involved. Instead of trying to collect all of the selfies, you can collect one of the following amounts of points: 

Level 1: Collect 30 points or more 

Level 2: Collect 60 points or more 

Level 3: Go for broke - All 184 points


Ask all your friends, family and acquaintances to sponsor you for the challenge - either per selfie, or a set amount for completing the challenge. 

There will be two prizes - one for the person with the most Selfies, and one for the person who raises the most money. This means that you can still win one of the prizes, even if you collect a smaller number of selfies. In the event of a tie, the winner will be the person who submits the best FA Cup tie break selfie (as judged by the Trust board) - with either a famous FA cup goalscorer, at a famous venue, or perhaps even with the Fa Cup itself. 


How to get involved: 

To enter the competition, simply email, and we’ll send you the list of teams, sponsorship forms and the competition rules.

We have a Twitter account, and a Facebook page for you to upload your selfies, and keep track of other people’s efforts: 

Twitter: @FaCupSelfies

The closing date for entries and sending in Sponsorship money will be April 27th 2019 - the final day of the season. The prize winners will be announced at the Player of the year awards night on 4th May 2019. 

You can submit entries any time before then. 

The most important part of all of this is of course raising money, so you would need to get as many sponsors as possible. 


Sponsorship Money can be paid directly into the Trust fundraising account:

Bank:                       Lloyds

Account Name:       Kettering Town (Poppies) Supporters Trust

Sort Code:               30-94-68

Account Number:    07080655

Please add “FA Cup Selfies” as a reference. 

You can also hand in sponsor forms and money to Martin Bellamy, in the club house on match days.


Don’t have anyone to sponsor? 

Poppies Trust board member, Richard Atkinson, will be undertaking the challenge to collect all of the selfies (but will not be eligible for either of the prizes). If you don’t want to undertake the challenge, but still want to contribute, then you can simply sponsor Richard. Just Email, with your name and sponsorship amount - then pay the Sponsorship money into the Trust fundraising account listed above.