Kettering Town 'Poppies' Supporter's Trust

Statement - Rockingham Road

Posted on Saturday September 16th 2017


During the early part of this year, the Poppies Supporters Trust made a concerted effort to make contact with the owners of Rockingham Road Stadium, both by letter and telephone.

The aim of these efforts was to ascertain if the Rockingham Road Stadium still presented a possible solution to finding a permanent home for Kettering Town Football club.

Our hope was that the owners would engage in a dialogue with the Trust, to find out whether or not there remained a possibility of them selling the site, either to the Football Club itself, or to a group such as the Trust, who could then make the site available to Kettering Town Football Club for use as its home stadium.

We had no response at all from the major shareholder, Beverly Windsor. 

Our initial letter did receive the following short response from the other shareholder, Craig Windsor: 

“Dear Trust members. In response to your letter dated 3rd February 2017 regarding the return of KTFC to Rockingham Road, it is with regret that I have to inform you that this will not be a viable option for us. I wish you well in finding another ground for the club. Regards. Craig Windsor.”

Our attempts to follow up this message, and open up a dialogue were however met with a wall of silence.

We sent a final letter to the Windsors, expressing our disappointment, but saying that our door remained open should they have a change of heart, and choose to talk about this issue with us.

In light of the recent announcement on the sale of Rockingham Road, it is clear that the Windsors had no intention of talking to the Trust, or the club, and that any hope of a return to the stadium is finally coming to an end.

The Trust board remains committed to helping Kettering Town find a permanent home, and will fully support the club in pursuing any available options to secure its long term future.

The Poppies Trust Board