Kettering Town 'Poppies' Supporter's Trust

TIN HAT FUND reaches £2000

Posted on Tuesday January 29th 2019

We are delighted to say that the money donated and/or pledged to the TIN HAT FUND has now passed the £2000 mark. Many thanks to everyone who has donated so far.

If we keep the money coming in at the current rate, then we would hit the £25000 total by Christmas. We would love to hit the mark sooner of course, but that will take a huge effort on everyone's part.

£23000 still seems an awful lot to have to raise, but there are many ways of breaking it down to seem more manageable. For instance, the overall avearge attendance for home matches this season is around 700. If the £23000 still needed is split between those 700, it works out as just under £33 per person. Obviously some people could afford to donate that amount, and some couldn't, but we would urge all Poppies fans to either make a donation to the Fund, or try and raise some money to donate.

Remember, we already have several schemes set up for people to get involved: 

  • The Collection Buckets will be available at every home match - both in the clubhouse, and at the table inside the turnstiles.
  • The Sponsored FA Cup Selfie competiton is up and running - and people can get sponsored to collect Selfies at any or all of the clubs that Kettering Town have so far faced in the history of the FA CUP. There are 184 clubs in total, but you can set a target to suit yourself. If you think you can only manage 5, then set that as your target, and ask friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you. Full details of how to get involved can be found here: SPONSORED FA CUP SELFIE COMPETITION
  • The main fundraising project is the BOARD OF SPONSORS. This allows Supporters, and local businesses to add their names, and logos to the BOARD OF SPONSORS which will form part of the new terrace when it is built. The names will also appear on our Sponsors page on the Trust Website. You can get your name added from as little as £10. Martin Bellamy will be on hand in the clubhouse at home matches to take your donations, and add your name to the list. You can also do it online. Full details can be found here: BOARD OF SPONSORS

Many thanks again to all those who have supported the TIN HAT FUND so far. We look forward to getting closer to the £25000 target soon.