Kettering Town 'Poppies' Supporter's Trust

TIN HAT FUND storms past half way!

Posted on Tuesday July 09th 2019

Some time ago, The Trust were bequeathed a substantial sum of money from the estate of Poppies fan, Arnold Wells.

The behest stipulated that the money should be used for the benefit of Kettering Town Supporters.

The Trust Board have decided that it would be appropriate to use a part of the Arnold Wells legacy towards the TIN HAT FUND - which will definitely be of benefit to Supporters - providing added cover from the elements; better viewing positions for the game; and enhancing the match day atmosphere.

Therefore, we are delighted to announce that a further £2,500 will be added to the TIN HAT FUND total, meaning that we have raced past the half way point, and the fund now stands at a fantastic £13,500!

This is an enormous achievement, and we are well on the way to seeing the new terrace being erected at Latimer Park.

The main fundraising project - the BOARD OF SPONSORS - is still running - and we have our second board just over 50% filled.

If you have not yet added your name to the board, you can do so here:

Many Thanks for your continued support