Kettering Town 'Poppies' Supporter's Trust

Trust AGM 2016 - Chairman's Report

Posted on Sunday October 16th 2016

The Trust 2016 AGM took place at Latimer Park on Wednesday 12th October. Below is the Chairman's report from the evening.


Good evening and thank you all for coming to tonight’s AGM.

This last year has been another settled year for the Trust – our remit tends to reflect what is happening with the Club which, in turn, has also had a reasonably settled year. We continue to have regular contact with Ritchie via myself and via Sev and Mick who sit on the Club’s management board albeit not as representatives of the Trust but on their own merits but they do feedback what they can without breaking any confidentiality.

We have not perhaps donated as much to the Club itself over the last year as we have done previously but we have made donations to the community committee for some of their projects. We also made a small donation to the Club at the end of last season towards the planned Summer pitch improvements with a further promise of £2k when the lease is signed. This is yet to happen but this donation will be made once it has been signed. We decided that this coming season we would target more of our funds towards helping the Club where necessary and particularly with the pitch improvements in mind. All money raised this membership year will be donated straight to the Club towards the pitch upgrade.

We also held a race night at the beginning of September with profits being split 50/50 between the Trust and the Dylan Cecil Memorial Fund. We do have a community remit and have donated to local charities in the past. This particular charity is close to a lot of people’s hearts so it made perfect sense to hold a joint event to help raise money for them.

We have renamed the 500 Club the 300 Club! There will be two sets of 5 draws during the season giving a bigger prize fund to each winner. The tickets remain at £5 each and are on sale now until the end of November. The second set of draws will take place later in the season. The Treasurer’s Report will cover all the facts and figures from the last year but I would just like to say thank you to those Trust Board members who have donated their time and energies to fund-raising, particularly Wayne and Carla Sharpe. Unfortunately, Wayne and Carla are stepping down from the Trust Board at this AGM – they will be missed but continue to support the Trust.

I want to thank all the Trust Board members who have served with us this year. We are all volunteers with full-time jobs but we do make a real effort to run the Trust as efficiently and professionally as we can. As well as Wayne and Carla, we are also losing Adrian Loak from the Board but we gained a new member during the Summer in Richard Atkinson. Thanks also to all our Trust members who continue to support us year in and year out – it is very much appreciated.

Finally, although not a Trust led initiative, can I just say what an inspiring evening it was at the back end of September when a few hundred Poppies supporters marched to the Council Offices to hand over the petition to ask the Council to consider Rockingham Road as a community asset. Whatever the Council decides it was great to see, and to show the Council, what the Club means to the fans and the people of Kettering.

Thank you all for listening. I will now hand you over to Sev for the Treasurer’s Report.

Karen Lewis