Kettering Town 'Poppies' Supporter's Trust


Posted on Tuesday October 10th 2017





6 October 2017, Latimer Park, 1930


Chairman’s Report


Good evening and thank you all for coming to tonight’s AGM.

This last year has been another settled year for us.  Our activity does tend to reflect what is happening with the Club on and off the pitch and, thankfully, things are going along quite nicely on that front.

We continued to have regular contact with Ritchie during the last year and, more latterly, with David Mahoney who is very keen to continue the Club’s good relationship with the Trust.  David has asked me to pass on a message to all our members to thank them for their continued support of the Club – it is much appreciated.

Our Treasurer will go over the accounts in more detail in his report but, in a nutshell, we have donated £2750 to the Club in recent months which includes £750 from the last membership year’s joining fees towards pitch improvements and the £2000 which was ring-fenced last year to be given to the Club on the signing of the lease.  This has not quite happened yet but we donated the money when the Club informed us that the Southern League were happy with our tenure to play at Latimer Park.  That £2000 was also donated as part of the ongoing pitch improvements.  As part of that donation the Trust was given some “pitch squares” and entered into a draw and won two hospitality seats for the home game versus Redditch earlier this season.  We had a members’ draw and Steve Gordon and his wife enjoyed an evening in the sponsors lounge for that game.  Membership money for this coming year will also be donated to the Club for ground improvements. 

Fund-raising plans going forward include a 25th anniversary draw, similar to our 300 Club draw with a 50/50 cash 1st prize.  The second prize is two seats on the team bus for the away game versus Gosport next March (kindly donated by the Club).  Tickets for this draw will be on sale very soon!  We also plan to hold a charity race night early in the New Year.

Recently, we heard the news that Rockingham Road has finally been sold to developers for housing.  The Trust wrote to the Pickerings on more than one occasion over the last year asking to meet with them to see if there was any possibility, however small, of the Poppies getting back to Rockingham Road.  We had one e-mail back saying that we were not a viable option albeit they did not know what we had to say.  Deep down we probably all knew that we would never return but it makes it no less sad to know now that we never will.  I don’t know about you, but I shed a few tears when I saw the BBC article on-line with Dave Singh wandering around the outside of our spiritual home reminiscing about days gone by.  

We also wrote to the local election candidates back in May asking them for their stance on Kettering Town Football Club returning to Kettering.  We had responses from them all which can be found on our website.  The Trust will continue to support the Club, and work independently if required, to try and help the Poppies return to the town.

I would like to thank all the Trust Board members who have served this year.  We are all volunteers with full-time jobs but we do make a real effort to run the Trust as efficiently and professionally as we can.  Mick Coe will be stepping down from the Trust due to work commitments but I know he will continue to support us as he has done over the years.  We are a small and compact number but we will continue to do our best to serve our members who we are always grateful to for their support.

Finally, this year is the Trust’s 25th Anniversary.  Most of you will know we were formed in 1992, only the second in the country behind the Cobblers Trust.  A lot has happened in those 25 years but it is a testament to every single person who has served on the Trust Board over those 25 years, and to all our members who have supported us during that time, that we find ourselves reaching this milestone – thank you.


Karen Lewis