Kettering Town 'Poppies' Supporter's Trust

Trust donates £2000 to the club for pitch improvements

Posted on Tuesday July 18th 2017


The Trust are pleased to announce that it has made a £2000 donation to the Football club, towards the cost of pitch improvements at Latimer Park.

The Trust had originally said that the donation would be made as soon as the 25 year lease on Latimer Park was signed. There has been a delay in the signing of the lease, but we are assured by the club that it is only a minor technicality holding this up, and the lease will be signed in the near future. The club have however signed a tenancy agreement which protects KTFC as the residents of Latimer Park, meaning that the club can stay at Latimer Park on a rolling agreement. This has been presented to the FA, who are happy that this provides the relevant security of tenure for the club to participate in the league.

Much work has already been done to the pitch and other areas of the ground during the closed season, and we look forward to seeing the benefits of this work for the coming season.

Many thanks again to all Trust members, and we will sending out membership renewal / joining details very soon for next season.