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Trust donation towards new drainage

Posted on Tuesday February 09th 2021

The Trust are delighted to have contributed £600 towards the cost of new drainage work at Latimer Park.

A new French Drain has been dug along the length of the ground between pitch 2 and the main pitch, which should considerably reduce the risk of waterlogging. 

The day after the drain was dug, it quickly filled with water running off from pitch 2, and the estate above the site:

An exit drainage channel was then dug at the Morrisons end of the ground, which successfully drained off all the water that had collected:

Piping was then inserted into the drain, before a covering of gravel was added to complete the works.

Big thanks must go to Malc Harris, who managed to acquire many of the materials needed through his contacts, and considerable powers of persuasion - and also to Kettering Town's maintenance engineer Jez, who carried out most of the work.

The money donated by the Trust paid for the cost of transporting the materials (including around 60 tonnes of gravel) to Latimer Park.


Further drainage work is also due to be carried out shortly, thanks to the philanthropy of several KTFC supporters.

The Trust donation was made possible by the generosity of our supporters in buying tickets for the monthly 300 CLUB draws. The next draw will be held on Sunday 21st February, when 3 lucky winners will each recaive an equal share of the prize pot. 

You can buy tickets for the draw here:

Thanks, as ever, for your continued support.

The Poppies Trust Board