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Trust programme notes - Lowestoft - 08/12/2018

Posted on Monday January 21st 2019

Dear Supporter

With the glut of home games we have had recently it has tested the grey matter as to what to write about without repeating the same old information! Usually we stick to Trust matters (for obvious reasons) and Poppies related issues. Today, I am going off piste to talk about the sport I have played for 43 years.

With BBC Sports Personality of the Year coming up next weekend my attention is turning, not to the individual award, but to the team award. I have no idea who the nominations are or if they have even been announced – I don’t think the team awards are open to public vote/debate anyway. Of course, the England football team will probably be in contention for their gallant efforts in reaching the semi-finals of the World Cup this Summer. But I am looking to the England Netball Team to walk away with that prize. This year, at the Commonwealth Games in Australia, they won gold in the final against the Aussies on home turf. For those of you who know nothing of this sport (and I know there will be many of you!) this win was massive in the netball world. Before this final, every world and commonwealth title had been contested by Australia and New Zealand – no other country had ever made a final. So England made history by even reaching the final and in winning it they wrote themselves into netball history. I had got up at 6am the previous day to watch the semi-final against Jamaica. The final, on the Sunday, started at 4am and there was no way I was going to miss watching it live. I am not embarrassed to say I shed a tear when the winning goal went in (as I leapt round the living room) on the final whistle to beat the Aussies by one goal! Later that day, 13 teams rocked up to their league games in Corby and every single player had a spring in their step as we played out our own

games on that Sunday afternoon having watched the English Roses triumph. A fantastic gold medal for netball and for women’s sport. Fingers crossed that gets recognised on the 16th.

Karen Lewis


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