Kettering Town 'Poppies' Supporter's Trust

Trust Statement 24/08/2012

Posted on Friday August 24th 2012
Following recent developments at the Football Club and reports in the local press the Trust would like to issue the following response.
It has been stated by the Club’s owner that it is impossible for the Club to stay alive without external investment.

If Nene Park is now an unsustainable venue without external investment, and this investment is not forthcoming what are the terms of the lease that prevent the Club’s immediate relocation to a more sustainable venue? Given that there is an opportunity of a move to Steel Park, it is important that any obstacles to a move are made transparent, particularly if these obstacles may lead to the demise of the Club in a very short period of time.

Out of necessity, the Trust has conducted bank transactions for the Club ever since the Club’s bank account was frozen (following a winding-up petition). The Club has had ample opportunity to rectify this situation, and given that agreed priorities of payments are not being adhered to, the Trust is no longer prepared to conduct transactions on behalf of the Club.

It is imperative that it is made clear to supporters who is now running the Club, what the structure of the Club is, and how its relationship with Poppies Events is to the benefit of the Club.

Without a clear and transparent structure, the Trust will be making no further donations.

Since the move to Nene Park, and despite its stated opposition to the move, the Trust Board has continued to support Kettering Town Football Club, with the ultimate goal of returning the Club to the town of Kettering. Without the work of the Trust and the continued support of the fans it is very unlikely the Club would have survived the financial turmoil of last season. Turmoil that was brought about by the actions of the Club’s owner.

It has been suggested that the Trust fight for ownership of the Club. While the Trust previously produced a vision document for ownership at Rockingham Road, it is in no position to meet the rental payments at Nene Park. We are, of course, ready and willing to meet with any potential investor who is looking for our support.

It has been suggested that the Trust calls for a boycott of the Club’s games in order to speed the removal of its owner. The consequence of such an action may well hasten the demise of the Club, and such a course would only make sense if a majority of our members were looking to force the Club to fold (in order to facilitate the return of senior football to Kettering, albeit at a much lower level), or someone was waiting in the wings to take on the mantle of Club Owner. The Trust is willing to consider a boycott in the event of either of these scenarios becoming apparent.

The Trust urges the Club shareholders to hold an urgent public meeting where their plans can be outlined and the challenges faced clearly detailed.  It is time all supporters had the truth about the direction OUR club is taking.