Kettering Town 'Poppies' Supporter's Trust

Trust Statement on Football Club Ownership

Posted on Monday August 20th 2012
Following yesterday’s statement from the Football Club, the Trust would like to clarify its position in relation to events at the Club.
As was widely publicised, when George Rolls arrived at the club, it was his intention to pass 24% shareholding of the club (following a successful takeover) to the Supporters Trust as reward for the work that was put into assisting with keeping the club afloat from November 2011 through to the May CVA decision.

The CVA was an opportunity we felt (although regrettable for all the creditors) to start afresh for the club and operate within its means.  Mike Quinn and I attended several meetings at the Club along with George Rolls, Ritchie Jeune & Gary Graham as the club “Board” to assist with planning of events, budgets and how the club could move forward.  

However, throughout this period we were acutely aware that the issue of the club shareholding was still to be resolved, and Mike and I have never received any formal invitation to become directors of Kettering Town FC Management Ltd..  However, we remained working with George, Ritchie & Gary so we could assist the club in any way we could.  We were however NEVER involved in the playing side of things, and have not viewed nor negotiated a single CURRENT players contract.

Unfortunately, we were then hit with the news that George Rolls would be banned from all Football Activity for 5 years.  This immediately changed the dynamic of how the “Board” should operate but Ritchie, Gary, Mike & I continued to work as hard as we could.  During this period to the best of my knowledge, there was no objection from the shareholders.

The Trust was still managing all monies in and out of the Club and paying creditors etc, so witnessed first hand the hard work and endeavours put in by Ritchie Jeune to keep the club afloat and try to create success and a sustainable future.  Therefore the Trust would like to thank him for his efforts for Kettering Town FC and hope he remains in whatever capacity to continue assisting the club to move forward.

With the announcement yesterday that the Trust and Ritchie are not authorised to act on behalf of the club, it would be prudent for the Trust to no longer manage Club funds through its account and allow the shareholders to run the club as they see fit.  This will re-allow the club the freedom to pay all its creditors on time and directly from the Club base and not via us as a Third Party.  We were of course only administering these payments initially after the club account was frozen while the Winding Up Petition was in place.

We will continue to perform all our matchday functions as before, until such time they are no longer welcomed and continue to fully support Kettering Town Football Club.

I trust that the re-intervention of the Shareholders will prove to be good news for Kettering Town Football Club and that they can provide the investment that will allow our Football Club to thrive and prosper both on and off the field.

I would urge, that the shareholders will now hold a public meeting as soon as possible to inform the fans of the exact situation at the Football Club.

Mark Severn

Trust Chairman